MRKT 4160 – Business Development

During the three months in a Business Development class, I have learnt the importance of Key Account Management. As pointed out by my instructor, Mr. Philip Ho, Key Account Management is about long term relationship building, rather than regular transactional business activities. Key Account Management is a time consuming act which requires the account manager / business development manager to focus on building relationship and to reach common goals with the clients. In this class, through activities and developing an account plan for my client, GL Stone, I believe that I have developed and fundamental skills which prepared  me to examine advanced selling, negotiation and strategic account management skills the in business world.

The following is my strategic account plan which I developed for GL Stone, a stone tile company, to secure a key account plan with RONA.

MRKT 4160 – Account Plan – Kenneth Wan

In addition, during the Business Development class, I have partnered with two classmates to come up with a global culture and business etiquette on the country Egypt. During the project, I have learnt many cultural differences between Canadian and Egyptian when dealing in the business world.

Enclosed is the Global Culture and Business Etiquette report for Egypt.

MRKT 4160 – Global Culture Project Final

At last, after successfully completed this course, I believe that the skills which I learnt provide me much valuable experience towards key account management.


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