MRKT 3211 – Managing The Communication Process

During the three months in the Managing The Communication Process class, I have learned the importance of a communication plan is to a company. Every company must have the correct communication plan or strategy in order to be successful. The criteria of a successful communication plan includes:
– targeting the right audience
– creating a creative brief
– analyzing the tone, message, colour scheme and reach
– identifying the appropriate channel, such as owned, paid, and earned media

The Managing The Communication Process class teaches me on how to create a communication plan, and allows me to better understand and choose the appropriate depends on the situation. This course also allows me to apply what I have learned during the class and my knowledge on a real company.

The followings are what I have accomplished during the Managing The Communication Process course. The first one is the News Watch assignment in which I did an analysis on how Scion launches its new vehicle: FR-S. The Second one is a company communication strategy audit on a local grocery store called Smart N Save.

News Watch – Scion FR-S
Smart N Save Audit


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