The Art of Listening: Home Depot and Home Hardware


As more and more companies are going into social media, it is easier for the consumers to find information about what they are looking for than before. Therefore, it is important for these companies, who are into social media, to monitor how their target audiences are feeling towards them and make changes accordingly when needed to impress their audience.

In this blog post, I am going analyze the online sentiment between Home Depot and Home Hardware. The tools which I am going to use are: Social Mention, Addict-o-matic, and TweetStats.

Online Sentiment

According to Social Mention, both brands achieve more positive sentiment than negative sentiment. However, the overall sentiment for both brands are neutral. The stats are as follow:

Home Depot:
Positive Sentiment: 131 ; Neutral Sentiment: 603 ; Negative Sentiment: 30
Sentiment Ratio: 6:1 ; Strength: 26% ; Passion: 36% ; Reach: 37%

Home Hardware
Positive Sentiment: 19 ; Neutral Sentiment: 24 ; Negative Sentiment: 1
Sentiment Ratio: 19:1 ; Strength: 5% ; Passion: 37% ; Reach: 4%

As we can see, Home Depot’s followers has generated far more online activities than Home Hardware. This may be because Home Depot has its own Facebook and Twitter. From the Home Depot homepage, there are links to both Home Depot’s Facebook fan page and Twitter account. On the other hand, Home Hardware has yet to go into social media. No links to any social media platform can be found.

Beside Social Mention, Addict-o-matic is another great tool to check online sentiment. I used Addict-o-matic to search for latest WordPress blog posts about Home Depot and Home Hardware.

After reading several blog posts between the two brands, I found that blog posts that are about Home Depot are more talking about the current sale, upcoming workshop sessions, and upcoming events. Meanwhile, the blog posts about Home Hardware are generally about home maintenance and DIY projects. The approach of blog posts between the two brands is quite different.

Lastly, I used Tweetstats to research the analysis of Home Depot’s Twitter account. The reason I didn’t research Home Hardware is because Home Hardware has yet to have a Twitter account currently.

According to Tweetstats, the number of Tweets about Home Depot is continually increasing ever since Home Depot launches its Twitter account in May 2008. Since then, Home Depot posts an average of 1.8 Tweets per day or 34 Tweets per month. The Tweets are primarily posted during Monday to Friday and between the hour of 5 AM Pacific to 2 PM Pacific.

User’s Philosophy

As for user’s philosophy, I found that most of the activities on the web for Home Depot are more about the current offers and sales, upcoming workshop sessions, and upcoming events. This give me a feeling of Home Depot is just trying to advertise through social media. On the other hand, most of the online activities about Home Hardware are about home maintenance and DIY projects. It gives the users a sense of “helping” and “teaching”.

The Usefulness of the Free Tools

Overall, these free tools provide a useful sources of information about how the consumers’ perception towards the brands. Users are able to search through these tools to look for the information which they are looking about the brand. However, these stats are not thoroughly. I think this is where the paid tools come into play. Paid tools are generally provide more depth and personalize information for the users. As a marketer, the paid tools can provide more in-dept information and statistic. But overall, these free tools are great for the general public as it provides useful information for free.

If I were a 3rd competitor…

If I were a 3rd competitor, I would found a balance of between advertising and providing knowledge on different social media platforms. As mention before, the online mentions which about Home Depot sound too much about advertising while Home Hardware are mostly about teaching and learning on home projects. With a balance between advertising and teaching-and-learning, the 3rd competitor will benefit by giving out the sense of helpfulness to the consumer while not losing the chance to promote the company’s brand.



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