The Chase Film….

I was on Youtube last week and saw this pretty creative commercial by Intel for their 2nd generation i5 processor.

Intel clearly is trying to build excitement around their new i5 processor through this action-adventure video.

I think the commercial is kind of cool, and funny,because it uses screen shots and videos from several popular social network medias to create this commercial.

Check it out!


2 responses to “The Chase Film….

  1. Pretty cool commercial. Don’t remember the last time I liked a commercial from Intel so good on them. I am trying to figure out the big idea behind this commercial but can’t really grasp it. If I had to guess, Intel is saying that their chips are good for doing anything you can possibly do on your computer but I am not certain. What are your thoughts?

    • That is what I am thinking too. I believe that Intel is intended to show everyone that their new processors are capable of doing extreme multitasking smoothly.

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